Before & After

Before & After: Text-heavy slides

Put too much text on a slide and the audience will read ahead and tune you out. What do you do? While the amount of detail might vary depending on the function of the deck, it's best to keep the text details in the speaker notes, and put only what you really need on the slide—give the audience a main point to read while you walk them through the details.

These are some before-and-after samples that utilize foreground/ mid/ background and animation, plus content editing, to organize text-heavy content.

Services: Design, content editing, animations

Before & After: Management consultant samples

The challenge with many management consultancy slides is the density of the content. Often, in a presentation, it's better to break up the content over more slides—but for a leave-behind client document, keeping things tighter can be useful.

These before-and-after samples show originals then the recommended update, using a modular approach (to visually group like information), and suggested copy edits to make headlines punchier and content more clear.

Services: Design, content editing, animations

Before & After: Cybersecurity

A basic illustration is turned into a more comprehensive explanation of cybersecurity terms, providing better visual support for the presenter. Walking through the steps with dynamic elements keeps an audience more engaged and improves retention of key content.

Services: Enhanced content, design, animations

Before & After: Export data

More slides doesn't necessarily mean a longer presentation—breaking up the same amount of content over more slides often enhances the experience for both the speaker and the audience.

A text-heavy list gets updated with the latest data and visuals that support the speaker as they talk through the details. Using the power of animation helps an audience remember key points and keeps them from simply reading ahead.

Services: Concept, updated content, design, animations