Branding your B2B firm, product or event doesn't have to be an overwhelming process. First we tell the story— then put the components, including the logo, together so your customers can remember you.
fintech conference logo
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fintech conference logo

Annual FinTech Conference

Working with the firm's three-person marketing team on the planning and launch of this now annual event, including a separate half-program focused exclusively on fintech startups. Click to view even highlight video.

Services: Visual identity, branding, marketing, website, copy, signage, program, decks and videos.

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grains signage

Branding & Web/App Design for AgTech Firm

Farmers (average age 61 in the US) too often are still driving from grain elevator to grain elevator, or calling on the phone, to find local buyers, and check prices, for their grain. Conversely, grain buyers are always looking to connect with local farmers and buy and sell grain quickly.

This easy-to-use platform connects the two parties and simplifies the process (in addition to providing market data for various commodities, market analysis, text and email alerts).

Services: Visual identity, branding, marketing, website, copy, signage, sales materials.

wine importer business card
branding visual identity wine importer
wine importer logo1
wine importer logo 2
wine bottle label 1

Wine Importer Brand Update

This is a proposed update for a family-owned wine importer. The original logo had a hand-drawn, sentimental feeling, and might have created by a member of the family. The two identity options above (one more hand-drawn, echoing the original, one more architectural) provide a polished look that better represents the growing company moving forward.

nssra logo 1
nssra logo 2
nssra exhibit design
clothing nssra parka

Association Identity Update

After doing the original identity for this association years ago, the new name provided an opportunity for a proposed update. Adding 'snowboard retailers' required a brand that represented something more youthful and energetic. The trend-forward design provides that energy and encourages a higher profile, and a stronger connection, with members.

contego product logo
contego product packaging
surgical medical gloves packaging

Product Visual Identity and Packaging

Two healthcare clients had several branded products, including a full line of surgical gloves, which required visual identity, branding, marketing and packaging. Here are several samples.

Company Identity Update

This is an identity update video, that starts with key defining data (company differentiators, mission, key customers, goal for update) and leads to logo options and logo applications.

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