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s1 Audio manufactures high quality ear buds and audio equipment. The website at the time was focusing on new product releases that could be seen at CES.

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ABOUT: s1 Audio [logo] The revolution in mobile sound accessories is here.

Founded in 2006, s1 Audio is dedicated to bringing customers the best mobile listening experience with revolutionary earbuds and wearable, personal speakers.

Our BudBud and NxSet line of products are specifically designed to work with phones and tablets, and utilize the latest technology (including the BlueCore™ 5 wireless BlueTooth™ platform).

The sound. Rich, deep bass and low-to-mid-range clarity.

Mobile calls. Crystal clear voice transmission with noise-cancelling, inline mics (for one or two users).

Convenience. Snap-apart earbuds work for one or two users; dual-cord design plug in to phones or players.

Comfort. Unique elastomer earbud covering and flexible, ergonomic construction.

In addition to a high quality acoustics, s1 Audio gives users the option of sharing calls and music—or with our NxSet line, turning up the volume to fill a room with sound.

We're proud to offer our patented design, as well as our communication and technological expertise to create the best, most comfortable, innovative mobile sound accessories on the market.


s1 Audio Bud Bud


Place your order…and start enjoying high-definition stereo anywhere, anytime.

From our innovative snap-apart earbud design to our revolutionary neck-based NxSet, you can find the latest, high-definition mobile sound accessories right here.

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High definition sound. High style comfort. s1 Audio.

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BudBud SOLO Crystal clear calls + stereo sound from your music-enabled phone

BudBud mp3
Exceptional stereo sound you can wear—and share

Enjoy (or share!) both music + calls

Our revolutionary wearable speakers

Our revolutionary wearable speakers with retractable earbuds

Our wearable speaker—with inline mic and one retractable earbud

Our wearable speaker—with inline mic and two retractable earbuds

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S1 brings you new artists and sounds ...
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FEATURED ARTIST: [photo] Mike Mentger
SONG: "PayDay" [download now]
GENRE: Indie Rock

REVIEW: Singer/songwriter Mentger's indie rock tunes offer frames around the small moments in life that are so familiar and often transformative. The easy melodies and catchy lyrics are soothing and accessible.

BIO: Mike Mentger began writing songs when he was in high school. "Some of those first songs were awful!" he joked, but Mike came to understand what makes a song work, and with practice, his efforts started to gel.

Mentger's songwriting took on "a new life" when, after college, be began working on cruise ships. "It's hard not to be creative in such a consistently novel environment," he remembered. Mike found inspiration meeting new people and on his own trips to Costa Rica, St Petersburg, and Paris, among others. Travel became a strong theme in his music.

In 2011, Mentger was selected to participate in the Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project at Northwestern University, which allowed him to study with some award-winning musicians: Lari White, Andrew Lippa, and Tony nominee Craig Carnelia. Mike got to play one of his own songs with White and Lippa, calling it "my proudest moment." Currently, Mike is wrapping up production on his latest CD, 'Maybe Tonight', which will be released in mid-2016. He writes and lives in Chicago.

INSPIRATION: Semisonic, Vertical Horizon, Ben Jelen, among others


UPCOMING: Latest CD, 'Maybe Tonight', will be released in 2016.

LINK: www ...
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